Infotekka Data Connection

The Infotekka Data Connection (IDC) is lightweight ORM tool for connecting to Microsoft SQL Server data sources by using a data-first approach, providing class-based data access to tables, views, and stored procedures.

The IDC was developed internally to support Infotekka software projects by creating a predictable, easy to use library for data access to SQL server. Built on ADO.NET, the IDC utilizes parameterized dynamic SQL and ADO objects to automatically map code objects to SQL objects using a data first model. We frequently work on projects with existing customer databases and developed this utility to rapidly connect to and work with the data. Leveraging a code generation process within the library, we can map an entire database and create standard code files for every desired interactive object.

Utilization of the IDC involves a few simple steps: generate or write a class to access the table. Create an instance of the class. Load your data or add a new row. Set values as appropriate. Update the data source.

The IDC is regularly maintained and improved, with new features and improvements added. The current version is targeted for .NET 3.5 to maintain compatibility with SharePoint 2010, however there are long term plans to rebuild the library for 4.6+ to leverage many of the new features in the framework, primarily more robust async support.

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The Infotekka Data Connection is free for download and use without modification, however the source code remains the proprietary property of Infotekka, LLC.